Here at Pepper Source it might not feel like fall, but we are craving those fall flavors. Our local Channel 5 News filmed a Flavors of Fall segment recently featuring our fall sauces with our Director of Culinary Innovation, Chef Andrew Straka, and our Research and Development facility. We enjoyed getting into the fall spirit and celebrating the 25th anniversary of our company in the community.

The segment aired the first weekend in October and included fall flavors such as cranberry ketchup, maple pear butter, and sherry sage gravy. These sauces are just a few of the many fall themed flavors we have created. The segment also featured where all of the creativity happens behind all of our sauces, our research and development facility. Our team enjoyed participating in the segment and took pride in showing the community their company.

Make sure to check out the Flavors of Fall news segment below and if you are interested in seeing what Pepper Source can do to add a spin on your seasonal items, contact your sales representative today to schedule a seasonal trend presentation.